Latest Bike Price in Bangladesh 2021

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Under Tk 1,00,000 / Tk 1,00,001 – 1,50,000 / Tk 1,50,001 – 2,00,000 / Tk 2,00,001 – 2,50,000 /
Tk 2,50,001 – 3,00,000 / Tk 3,00,001 – 3,50,000 / Tk 3,50,001 – 4,00,000 / Tk 4,00,001 – 4,50,000 /
Tk 4,50,001 – 5,00,000 / Above Tk 5,00,000

Latest Bikes in Bangladesh 2021

Bajaj Bike Price in Bangladesh

TVS Bike Price in Bangladesh

Honda Bike Price in Bangladesh

Hero Bike Price in Bangladesh

Yamaha Bike Price in Bangladesh

Suzuki Bike Price in Bangladesh

Runner Bike Price in Bangladesh

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Welcome to BikesBD! There have many people who are not got a lot of time looking for demandable motorcycle brands and models. Even they cannot go to the motorcycle showroom for buying a motorcycle. That reason, the buyers do not understand which brands and models are suitable for them. BikesBD. A net makes the job of a motorcycle buyer easier. Here we have shown the details of almost all the motorcycle brands and their products that are available in Bangladesh, we have presented full details and an overview with a price. Here all the brands may have the same type of motorcycle but the features of the motorcycle compared to the several brands. Now, if you wanted to know about your favorite brands it is a very easy process for them to decide which model Is suitable.

At present, our young generation is very attracted to motorcycle riding. They are feeling that it is their fashion. It is not only fashion but also very important things of our daily life from student to business or any job holder. As a result, have set up many domestic manufacturing companies in our country, they provide us various super brands motorcycle. Other hands, many industrial institutions import foreign quality motorcycles. There are a few companies in Bangladesh that are the sales representative of the top foreign motorcycle companies.

A statistic shows us 200,000 motorcycles were sold in our country in 2016, up to 180,000 the previous year. Here we see that sales of motorcycles sold 30 percent growth than last year.  Now, Bangladesh sells two million motorcycles a year. The motorcycle market as financial support is 3000 crores. IN the market place share of 110 cc motorcycle is 50%. Again, the market share motorcycle of 125 to 135 cc is 17% and then 150 cc motorcycle share is 33%. Although the increase in motorcycle sales in Bangladesh but the use of the motorcycle is lower than in other countries such as India, Pakistan. According to the scholar, Bangladesh will increase its use day by day.

Motorcycle Brands
Now, there are many famous domestic motorcycle companies in Bangladesh are selling their motorcycle. All the brands bear advanced features and policies. For example, Japanese companies Yamaha and Honda include them. Otherwise, manufacturers of Indian motorcycles like Bajaj, Hero, or TVs have achieved great success in Bangladesh in the field of the standard motorcycle. Again, Runner and Walton motorcycle manufacturers are not far behind, they are also running forward in the same proportions. General buyers cannot understand which motorcycle brands are proper for them. So here we are shows and discuss a detailed description of the motorcycle brands that are available in Bangladesh.

Motorcycle and bike price in Bangladesh
The primary obstacle to use the motorcycle in Bangladesh is its higher price range. In Bangladesh motorcycle price is so much higher than other neighboring countries that India and Pakistan. In 2016-17 financial year the motorcycle imports have been reduced from 45 to 20 percent. This has reduced the price of motorcycles from 10 to 20 thousand. It is not suitable for our country motorcycle price.